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National Chin-Yi University of Technology is located in Taiping District, an area with beautiful scenery.

Tel: 886 (04) 23924505
Address: No.57, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung 41170, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Fax: 886 (04) 23923363

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About Taichung
Taichung, located in the west-center part of the island, is the third largest city in Taiwan. For residents and visitors, Taichung is a modern and dynamic Asian city, marked by boulevards, high-rise buildings, and convenient transportation system. The population in Taichung is just over one million, and 60 percent of the whole population is from neighboring counties for engaging in business and industry. This city is blessed with a mild and beautiful climate. It seldom rains and the average temperature is about 26 °C; thus, many outdoor activities are held almost all year round. Recently, it has been selected as the Most Livable City in Taiwan, in a poll conducted by the prestigious business magazine, Common Health.

Traditionally, Taichung is the main gathering area for cultural, political and commercial activities. In recent years, the city has experienced the rapid growth in multi-culture. This is also the reason that it receives a reputation of creativity and great innovation, especially its lifestyle. Almost all the popular fads in Taiwan's fascinating consumer culture-blending art and beauty into everyday life, such as garden cafes, garden tea houses, theme restaurants, and pearl (boba) milk tea, are originated from this city.
Taichung is also home to many high-tech manufacturers such as optoelectronics and precision machinery industries. Besides the established Taichung Industrial Park, the largest one in Taiwan, about 70 percent of Taiwan's newly developing industrial zones is also located in Taichung Metropolitan.

As this city is located in central Taiwan, it is extremely accessible for the residents or visitors from any corner in this island. Moreover, it is surrounded by famous tourist attractions such as the Sun Moon Lake, the Ali Mountain, the Kukuan Hot Spring, the Cingjing Farm, the historical town-Lukang, and so on. The pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, the rich history of art and culture, and the prosperous economy supply it with the glamour of a world-class metropolis.